Alcohol addiction and alcoholism affects thousands of people in Chestnut Hill, MA. every day. Alcohol is an addictive drug but its use is a part of everyday life. Even though alcohol is a drug, many consider excessive alcohol use to also be acceptable. It is easy for someone to become addicted to alcohol and to suffer the consequences as a result.

Alcohol addiction is when someone in Chestnut Hill continues to drink alcohol, even after their drinking has caused them problems in their life. Continuing to drink despite legal troubles, trouble at home or work, etc. is a sure sign that the individual is dealing with an addiction.

Alcohol addiction and alcoholism causes an individual in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts to neglect their responsibilities and make poor choices which can have both short and long term effects on their life. Someone addicted to alcohol can have changes in mood and behavior that also negatively impact their life such as fits of anger or violence. This affects their relationships, career and in the most severe cases can take their life. Individuals who are caught up in alcohol addiction will ultimately destroy their life if they don't get help.

There are Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs in Chestnut Hill, MA. for individuals who want to get sober and get the help they deserve. Individuals seeking treatment can expect to have the best care available, with counseling and peer support to help them through the recovery process. The individual will have a better chance at long-term recovery by addressing the issues which triggered their alcohol addiction.

Individuals who are long time alcoholics and want to kick the habit may experience withdrawal when they stop drinking. A supervised detox at an Alcohol Detox Center or Alcohol Abuse Rehab Program in Chestnut Hill can get individuals through withdrawal and successfully onto their next step of treatment. Withdrawal and detox can be an extremely uncomfortable and painful process, so this makes it as smooth as possible for the individual so they can get started on their path to sobriety.

There are a number of treatment options available in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts for individuals seeking help. There are Long-term Alcoholism Rehabs, Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Facilities, Short-term Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs, Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, support group meetings, alcoholism counseling, halfway houses and sober living.

Get the help you need and deserve today in Chestnut Hill, MA. Get started on the path to a new life and contact a counselor or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility in Chestnut Hill to find out which treatment options are best for you today.

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  • When an individual has been binge drinking, a withdrawal syndrome can take place that includes symptoms such as an upset stomach, insomnia, headache, and an electrolyte balance, which can make a person feel sick.
  • The effects of drinking alcohol appear in as little as ten minutes; the maximum effects of alcohol peak within forty to sixty minutes.
  • When the rate of alcohol that is consumed by an individual exceeds the liver's detoxification rate, the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream continues to increase, impairing the brain, causing intoxication, coma, and in many cases, death.
  • The path of alcohol in the body is the mouth, stomach, small intestine, heart, brain and the liver.
  • AA Meetings in Chestnut Hill, MA.
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    Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Times
    Saturday, 6:45 AM
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    Church Of The Messiah
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    Tuesday, 7:30 PM

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